About Judy Aveiro

“Live. A lot. Unleash yourself upon the world and go!”

I am happiest when in deep conversation with my paintings.

Artist Statement

I am an uplifter to the core of my being.  I am a happy, waggy-tail person.  I love sharing this aspect of me with others so that they might feel good, too.  I believe art comforts, soothes, uplifts, and inspires.  My goal is to encourage all willing to share these joyous feelings, and perhaps to guide them towards a spirit of well-being.  

My paintings aspire to reflect the magic in life that I see.  I paint possibilities, probabilities, and options.  I delight in inviting the viewer to another place - a pleasant, fulfilling and (hopefully) energizing mini-vacation from mundane concerns.

I am happiest when in deep conversation with my paintings; it is a form of meditation for me.  Making art nourishes me and makes me laugh.  I want it to be a catalyst, to make others pause, participate, respond and share the wonder and joy of life.



Relaxing with friends Gassho, Poody, and Beanie

Relaxing with friends Gassho, Poody, and Beanie

Art!  Finger painting in the backyard; baking mud pies; brewing flower-petal teas in the afternoon sun; coloring Easter eggs with my brother and sister at our formica-topped kitchen table, accompanied by the sharp tang of vinegar; designing and hand-sewing doll clothes; constructing purses from scraps of fabric (and forcing the neighbors to buy them); creating and staging plays with friends for our long-suffering moms (bless them); decorating the house for the holidays; summer school art fun…these are my earliest memories of my love affair with creativity.  

In high school and college, I made most of my own clothes. I studied couture design and sewing, attended as many art classes as school credits allowed, created backdrops and decorations for proms, sewed crazy Halloween costumes, painted wall murals, and sketched outdoor scenes with stubby pencils on paper bags.  Later, I turned my attention to bridal couture design and construction, dancing, acrylic painting, and baking pastry.  I am a self-made artist.

I love my life.  I am proof that, no matter which road or its length, they can lead to a good-feeling place.  Life bounces us around and, if allowed, can take us to unexpectedly fulfilling destinations.  (Even the icky parts all add up to the happy whole, but that’s a story for another time.)  My bouncy journey led to Honolulu.  Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, I first experienced Hawai’i after graduating from high school.  I felt the pull.  I returned to California to finish college and, after a few years back and forth, settled on O’ahu in 1976. 

I have always “done” art; it is who I am.  Early on, I wasn’t aware of doing anything special, I was just being myself.  Adulthood brought conflict and (splat) I was flattened from pressure to do the “right” thing, to seek approval and security.  I can’t blame others for this detour from my creative self, and I clearly see my life so far has undeniably contributed to the richness of who I am now and to my ability to express myself through painting.  

Judy was unhappy with her early work.

Judy was unhappy with her early work.

My process: I begin a new painting by creating textures on wet paper, using materials such as cotton, crepe paper, and gauze, then applying a color wash.  After the paper dries, I remove the various materials in order to find serendipitous patterns of color and shape.  After that, I use paint to develop the images I see.  

I am a member of the Hawai’i Watercolor Society.  My work has been in several shows and in the Hale’iwa Art Gallery on O’ahu.  A local artist friend introduced me to watercolor painting and continues to mentor me.  I love its fluid and unpredictable qualities.  I see watercolor as a metaphor for life: you must learn to let go, trust your intuition, find the courage to be vulnerable, and sometimes just build on its accidental gifts.  My art is (above all) a declaration of self; I accept it as my friend.  I am amazed and sometimes shocked at how my work mirrors who I am as a person; my paintings are clear reflections.  I watch my life blossom as I continue to work on my skills.